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BioGrid is an openfree project of linking all the computers on Earth for biological data storage and processing. We invite everyone's participation.

BioGrid project aims to electronically link computers for CPU, storage, memory and DB sharing for biological information processing. BioGrid will be the backbone of the biobrain.


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GRID projects GRID related centers
BioGrid Projects  

 GRID related OS, FS, middleware, and tools.

Cloud computing  

BioGrid and BioCloud

GRID related projects.

BIRN: Biomedical Informatics Research Network  


See also

Philosophical Biogrid


Other External links

NC biogrid 


Japan Biogrid (in Japanese)

GRID computing Planet

Open GRID Forum

Korean E-Science forum

•Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO )
•Short Read Archive (SRA,
•GeneNetwork (a BIRN-funded resource for systems genetics,
•Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base (PharmGKB,
•Hierarchical Data Format group (
•The Next Generation sequencing community site ( | Biopedia | | Philosophical Biogrid


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